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6 Ways To Start A Healthy Relationship With Yourself


6 Ways To Start A Healthy Relationship With Yourself


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Romanticizing life is a “trend” that everyone definitely follows, which includes celebrating yourself and wishing that you can slow down for a while and enjoy the little things that make life so sweet a little more.

If you are someone who loves yourself dearly and is finding some things that can romanticize your life further, then here is a go-to guide to experiencing life to the fullest.

1. Connect with nature

One of the best ways to romanticize life is by detaching yourself from the real world and connecting with nature.

Fresh air, bright sun rays, a sea breeze, and breathtaking scenery are among the wonders of nature that you must be missing out on if you’re only ever locked up in your home.

Take a little time to go outside, explore, and let yourself take deep breaths in the fresh air. Try walking down a forest path, along the beach, near the mountains, or anywhere else you’d rather be.

Make your time outdoors a moment to appreciate yourself for choosing to survive each day —for how you have the senses to see, feel, smell, hear, and touch the splendors of life. Maybe these can make living more bearable.

2. Savor your morning coffee, don’t rush

Your mornings mark your daily beginnings, and you’ll certainly love the way coffee makes waking up easier, brighter, and warmer.

Morning coffee is an exceptionally good way to boost your overall energy throughout the day, so do not rush drinking it.

Instead, find a good spot in your home where the sunlight hits just perfectly and where you have a soothing view of nature or other people passing by.

This helps you clear your mind, reflect on the things that happened on your previous days, and develop a healthier mindset of approaching things differently from that day forward.

So, grab your coffee cup, savor its sweetness, and romanticize your morning rituals now!

3. Enjoy a fancy bath

Instead of being a usual necessity, turn your baths into a fancier self-care ritual. Not everyone can fully enjoy their baths due to very early commitments, but you’ll be surprised at how staying long in water refreshes your whole system.

To have a romantic bath setup, you can try lighting a stress relief scented candle, adding bath salts to the water, or using aromatic essential oils.

Just imagining the setup already feels luxurious and therapeutic! A nice bath is known to elevate your mood and promote balanced serotonin levels.

It is not every time that you are able to take a fancy bath, so be sure to enjoy how the water embraces your body, relax, and play your favorite song as you soak in the warm water.

4. Sleep in soft pajamas

Life can be pretty exhausting at some point, but it’s also not too late to try romanticizing one of the best times when you can get proper rest. That is, during nighttime.

Some go to bed while still wearing their school or work uniforms, jeans, sweatpants, and t-shirts.

They are really too tired to even care about their nightwear. Then again, you must learn how to take your bedtime routine seriously by making yourself feel more comfortable.

Indulge in a set of cozy silk pajamas or any nightwear that feels soft on your skin. You’ll realize that it makes a difference, making it seem that you are sleeping at a noble resort or hotel. Remember that sleeping is when you can restore much of your energy, so prioritize comfortability.

5. Capture photos of everything you see

Part of romanticizing life is appreciating everything that surrounds you because it serves as a daily reminder that you are alive and breathing.

When you go outside, practice taking pictures of the sun, sky, trees, and other stills that seem to catch your attention.

Even when you are inside your home, you can simply take photos of the food you cooked, the television screen while your favorite movie plays, and your wardrobe. Being random encourages your creativity and appreciation for your own craft.

From this, you’ll begin to realize how grateful you must’ve been to experience life in its whole sense, see people and things from different angles, and put in your mind the happy stories told by the pictures you took.

6. Write letters

Handwritten letters are definitely romantic, and they communicate our feelings in a more meaningful way.

Having a healthy relationship with yourself is one thing, but you should also not forget other people who have made your life more tolerable and worthy of living.

You can buy special stationery and other stickers that you can put as designs on your letters. Just be genuine and write about the things you want to tell them.

Romanticizing life similarly means cherishing the love we have for others. Hence, make them know how much they mean to you, how much you care about them, and how you want them to stay in your life forever.

Indeed, everyone is just busy finding ways to live their lives fully and without any regrets. Life is truly short, so finding the beauty in loving yourself, others, the things you do, and the world around you gives you moments of magic every day.