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TWICE Live in Manila Again on October 1st Awaited by Filipino Fans

TWICE Live in Manila Again on October 1st Awaited by Filipino Fans

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You bet! Every K-pop enthusiast is buzzing about the arrival of the super popular TWICE in the Philippines. This bunch of talented South Korean girls, nine in all, have won hearts across the globe with their amazing tunes and vibrant performances. As anticipation builds for their upcoming concert in the Philippines on October 1st, let’s explore the beautiful journey of TWICE and the excitement they bring to the Filipino audience.

Back in 2015, TWICE came together on a competitive reality show called “Sixteen.” Shortly after, they impressed everyone with their skills and vibrant personalities, making a mark on music charts. Since then, they’ve become a global sensation, building a huge fanbase that’s eagerly waiting for their live shows.

TWICE’s song list is a goldmine of chart-toppers, and each track comes with killer dance moves and boundless energy. Hits like “TT,” “Fancy,” “Cheer Up,” “Likey,” and “Feel Special” not only topped the charts but also set new standards for live performances that are totally mind-blowing.

TWICE’s first concert in the Philippines was in 2019, and now they’re back to give their Filipino fans another epic and unforgettable concert. This gig is a golden chance for TWICE to reconnect with their fans, show appreciation for their constant support, and share their musical magic in person

Twice performs during their 2022 Twice 4th World Tour “III” at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, TX. (Dallas)

Come October 1st, TWICE is going to rock the stage again at the Philippines Arena in Bulacan. You better believe it, fans are going to have a blast as TWICE brings their fun beats, killer dance moves, and awesome vibes to the Filipino crowd again. So, if you haven’t already, snag those tickets for a concert you won’t want to miss!